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Creating a new structure strength The first building in Taiwan that adopts high strength steel material from Japan As strong as Taipei 101Same class as used in Tokyo Skytree in Japan

SS structure, high strength rebar, steel, SM570 steel which is the same as used in Taipei 101; the MEGA columns use imported high strength steel KBSA630 which is the same as used in Tokyo Skytree in Japan. The building is of high toughness and highly earthquake resisting, ensuring the sturdiness of the building.

Reinforced with supports Elevating the steadiness

Interior slab ultra weight bearing | slab weight bearing 500kg/m2, a 2.5 times higher than the regular residential building
Sound proof space| interior center slab uses 4000PSI concrete at 20cm thick, making micro vibration from walking undetectable, allowing free allocation of interior space
High fire resistance design | steel structure fire resistance duration is one hour more than as regulated by law, with partial structure endurance as high as 3 hours.
Long lasting rust free | building steel structure is reinforced with rust resisting coating to prolong the steel structure life span.

People dwell in ease in the house House is glorified by the peopleSturdy thus is able to retreat in Strong thus is able to pass on for generations

Whether in structural design or shock insulation system, Tao Zhu Yin Yuan creates many first in the world. In order to extend the building life, considering the risks and economical balance, the construction cost is increased by three times to forge the maximum security level in building shock resistance. With multiple reviews and national level structural accreditation, Tao Zhu Yin Yuan becomes the only residential building in the world that adopts such a high level structural design.

Structure damageReturn period Maintain structural flexibility
No damage
Minor structure damage
Can be used normally after simple repair
Medium structure damage
No danger to lives
Can be used after repair.
Severe structure damage
Without or partial collapse
People are able to escape from the building
43 years return period Small and Medium earthquake D
72 years return period Occasional earthquake C D
475 years return period Manipulated earthquake(240gal, approximately Magnitude 5) B C D
2500 years return period Extreme earthquake (230gal, approximately Magnitude 6) A B C D

Type D building | general residential and office building
Type B building | high importance disaster prevention locations, nuclear power plant
Type C building | building for public access
Type A building | building that is able to maintain flexibility during extreme quake

This picture is for your reference only.

Innovative structural designSki-man shape SS steel structure. Deep and sturdy mechanics

Building adopts SS steel structure. The unique structure is composed of five elements of structure: core tube, roof truss, 2 sets of MEGA column, Vierendeel Truss system, and EPS shock insulation system. The structure support and building weight bearing are like the human body that remains erected in skiing; the structure reaches perfectly into the bottom level, making the building ever lasting and solid as a rock.

Invisible structureVisible mission

Extra large span | novel interpretation on the structure, creating column free interior on every floor; only the even number floors are with side columns.

Best interior environment | interior net height ranges from 3 to 3.27m, with compound double layer for individualizing pipeline allocation.

Authority review|

  • Structural safety review by National Taiwan University Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
  • Structure Accreditation Building reviewed by the Taiwan Accreditation Building Center
  • 5 supervising staffs are planned for this project.
  • Wind tunnel testing in RWDI in Canada