Structure remains flexible and unharmed in magnitude 7 strong quake

Special structure design keeps structure flexible even during a magnitude 7 strong quake (China Liedu 9, surface acceleration PGA=0.40g) and remains unharmed after the earthquake without ductile fracture. This exceeds the maximum consideration under 2500 years return period for earthquake as specified by Seismic Design Specifications of Ministry of Interior, allowing the strength of the house to last long as the surface of the earth.

General residential building Taipei City Shock insulated residential building in Taipei City Tao Zhu Yin Yuan
PGA=0.24g 475 years return period Magnitude 5 (regulation) No sever damage to the structure Can be recovered after earthquake Maintaining structure flexibility No damage after earthquake Maintaining structure flexibility No damage after earthquake
PGA=0.32g 2500 years return period Magnitude 6 (regulation) Severe damage to the structure Structure cannot collapse Cannot be recovered after earthquake No server damage to the structure Can be recovered after earthquake
PGA=0.40g ≥ 2500 years return period Magnitude 7 (elevated scale) Structure collapse Possible severe structural damage May not be recovered after earthquake

EPS shock energy dissipating shock insulation system Same grade as used by NASA, USA

US museums, NASA space shuttle museum display, Apple new headquarters in California are using the same shock insulation array brand as the main installation. In order to achieve all bearing shock endurance defense, 48 sets of largest in Asia EPS shock insulation pads from the USA are imported and installed in the base level below B4. A third party notarization unit conducted earthquake simulation dynamic testing (regulation only mandates static testing); and demanded provider testing for each shock pad to grasp the precise shock insulation quality.

Deep rooting into the groundSprout as a millennia Pagoda

The building uses 68 foundation piles with diameter at 2.5m each that are hammered into the weight bearing level at 50m deep, spreading the building structure weight to the most solid bedrock.

Compound slabsIndividualize pipeline allocation to enjoy a land of serenity

Compound slabs are reserved in two sections at indoor area left and right, allowing the freedom in adjusting the pipeline allocation in each space. The individualized allocation enables the convenience of self maintenance. VIPAC Hong Kong is also entrusted with the noise reduction planning assessment for the slabs, compartments, equipment and pipelines.