Space and structure allows flow of creativityColumn free interior gives space ultra expansion

Innovative interior column free design in structure not only earns more solid area but an even wider window view, allows you to truly enjoy the extreme domestic living.

Column-less freedom Indulge in the grandeur
Astonishing innovation Interior column free design:
Only side columns are installed in the interior of even number floors, increasing working area by 6m2 than regular buildings.
Column free interior for odd number floors, adding working area by 12m2 than regular buildings with beams.

Interior floor net height:
Interior floor net height for even number floors is 3 meters and 3.27 meters for odd number floors; the height exceeds the regular residence height which is normally below 3 meters.

Circular retaining wallConstructing a complete pressure resisting circle

To cohere with the building style, circular retaining wall is planned by utilizing the principle of pressure resisting circle; the wall is like a strong O ring that perfectly balances the outer force in resisting pressure.

Shock insulation gapCreating natural lighting while dissipating earthquake momentum

In order to create a swaying space to offset the momentum when earthquake strikes, shock insulation gaps are reserved between the continue walls, which bring in natural lighting and ventilation for the basement. Walls are installed with plants of natural and installation artworks. This reduces the need in turning on the lights in the underground parking, achieving the effect in conserving energy and reducing carbon.