Auspicious Feng Shui brings together East and WestA rare cluster of fortune and nobility

Rise with wind and water symbolizes climbing upwards | Green energy is the main stream of city within city  and raises the building into the global classic green architecture. Energy surges like the lavishing leaves, rooting sustainably and strengthens the family and career.

Connection to the dragon line  symbolizes bountiful fortune | Building sits on the best fortune generating location with the back of the building rests against the Four Beasts Mountains which symbolizes having the four beasts guards firm on the treasure vault.

Auspicious house number symbolizes success and fortune | The house number 66 and 68 on Song Gao Road are the auspicious homonyms of success and fortune. 2 households on each level form the natural 8 that shapes like ∞ and carries the infinite potential. The construction permit number also happens to be 101-6668.

A rare collection of Chinese auspicious numbers.