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Interpreting the art of DNABreak through architectural framework

This is the pioneering work of the world architectural history made real on earth for the first time. Vincent Callebaut, the architect of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, explores through the philosophy of morphology and dazzles the world with the DNA double helix structure of the western science and carries on the everlasting, breathtaking Tai Ji spirit of the east.

4.5 degree each level at a total of 90 degree rotationThe union of structural mechanics and aesthetics

The language of DNA shapes the unceasing astonishing style of the building. From level 2 to level 21, the surface of each level climbs upwards in a 4.5 degree rotation, bringing the rotation total of the entire building to 90 degrees. The building becomes the world’s first 3 dimensional rotating mansion; the only vertical residential building in the world that enjoys views of all directions in the comfort of your own home.

This picture is for your reference only.

This picture is for your reference only.

Vertical ForestA garden that reaches for the sky

The spiral building expands for each household the maximum terrace and skyline, giving each household a 167m2 garden to display 6 to 7 grand trees and bath in the priceless nature.

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Individual access with individual foyerPrivacy with high security

The unique structural design allows Tao Zhu Yin Yuan to break through the confinement of high rise housing and give each household the ownership space at 960m2, creating a living area of spacious housing and garden. In order for its residents to experience the freedom living in a house that is forest like, the elevator design segregates ‘main’ and ‘service’ to ensure the undisturbed privacy.

Exclusive elevators for owner and staff of the house Two households on each level, each level is equipped with 4 guest elevators, 2 service elevators, and 1 multiple function elevator.

  • Guest elevator | Each household of the level its individual elevator and foyer ; the guest elevators are exclusive for house owner and guests.
  • Service elevator | 1 service elevator for each household of the level.
  • Multiple function elevator | Multiple function elevator is able to transport paintings, sculptures et al large artworks directly into the residence, fulfilling owner’s dreams of private museum and gallery. When in emergency, the elevator can assist in the medical care at the same time to secure the privacy.