Construction EngineeringBES Engineering Corporation

Setting food in Taiwan, casting vision to the world
Looking ahead of the 21st century, human civilization continues to rise and create in the infinite possibilities. Standing at the beginning of the century, the juncture of border-free world, BES carries its outstanding reputation, holds firm on its intense ambition, utilizes the wisdom of professional teams, and devotes limitless energy in setting a new role model in construction engineering. In facing the vast global construction market, BES will use its ample public construction experience and E management advantages to move forwards. In the future, BES will integrate group resources to merge into the pulsation of the world with even more professional construction technologies and rigorous quality to create new opportunities in construction, accomplishing the pride of the Chinese people.

The development of BES Engineering Corporation is itself the construction history of Taiwan
In the earlier days, BES participated in the 10 Major Construction Projects during the 70s, the 14 Major Construction Projects of the 80s, the 6-year National Construction Projects and more key national constructions. In the 21st century, BES will play an even more progressive and vital role in the Asian construction works. BES is also the first civilian construction corporation in Taiwan that possesses rich and solid overseas performance with footprints covering Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, USA, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arabia Emirates, etc.

Dapeng Bay Bridge in Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area | Taipei Arena | Taipei Metro Dongmen Station Core Pacific Living Mall | Asia Pacific Hotel

Eco Architecture ArtistFrench Top Futuristic Master

Vincent Callebaut is recognized as one of the Global 50 Green Planet Architecture Sustainable Architects; he is the planning designer of Paris Smart City 2050, voted by Greenroofs as one of the top 10 green roof and green wall designers, the leader of green design. His audacious design breaks through the traditional architecture barrier; his extraordinary innovative green building ideas brings him the reputation of “informatic bioarchitect”. US Time Magazine calls him the “chief of eco-utopian architecture”.

Superb creativity in fighting the global warmingCreating the extraordinary architectural gene of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan

Recent Work
Dragonfly Project, New York |Hydrogenase Flying Bioarchitect
Paris Smart City 2050

Building Design Ko Hung-TsungLKP Architecture

LKP Architecture collaborated with Takahisa Kato Architects in Japan and Ark Crew Architects, built up excellent international competitiveness and won numerous awards. LKP works with French architect Vincent Callebaut on Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, developing impeccable mutual understanding while striving in composing ideas to accomplish this architectural mission impossible.

Core Pacific Living City, Yanzhou, China | Dayanta Recreation Town Development Project, Xi’an, China | 863 Project Finance Technology Building, Shanghai, China | Taiwan Life Insurance Headquarters, Taipei, Taiwan

Structural Design Chang King-LeKing-Le Chang & Associates

Leader in structural design field with works all over the world, King-Le creates the one and only design for Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, giving the building an ultra structure that is as strong as the rock with broad span column free space. The design is also honored with CTUBH innovative design award.

AID Congregate Housing, Busan, South Korea | Tower Infinity, Incheon, South Korea | Trinity Residential Tower, Los Angles, USA | City Council Building, Taichung, Taiwan | Municipal Building, Taichung, Taiwan | National Palace Museum Southern Branch, Chiayi County, Taiwan | Kelti Group Headquarters, Taipei, Taiwan | Miller Park | Burj Khalifa plaza

Construction EngineeringTaiwan Kumagai Co., Ltd.

Kumagai gumi Co., Ltd was established in 1898 and has since then maintained, and has been well praised for, its high quality construction technology. In 1975, Kimagai Gumi set up its branch office, Taiwan Kumagai, in Taiwan and won the reputation of “0 disaster in safety quality, 0 flaw in construction quality”.

Taipei 101 Building | Taipei Metro Tuchen Line Contract No. CD511 construction | Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Contract No. CH02 construction

Landscape DesignSWA, USA

Established in 1957, SWA specializes in landscape building and urban planning, creating unique perspectives for different sceneries in different buildings. Projects can be seen around the world coving over 50 countries, winning over 500 hundred various professional awards.

Shock insulation design companyEarthquake Protection Systems, Inc. (EPS)

The company is the inventor of the world renowned “EPS insulation pad”. Its world leading advanced shock insulation technology design and production combine with all points strictest testing won the praise from top architects. Despite the reputation, EPS continues to dedicate itself in developing excellent shock resistant solutions that are able to decrease the construction cost; setting up role model in the industry.

Landscape designHorizon and Atmosphere Landscape Co.

Horizon and Atmosphere Landscape Co. was established in Taipei Taiwan in 1998, and set up its Shanghai Branch in 1999. Since then, the company focuses on landscape planning and design, and is meticulous about participating from construction drawings to supervising the design construction. The company is truly the ‘exquisite maker for detailed design’.

Right land for right trees Co-exist naturally Keeper of treesTree doctor Dr. Zhang Fong-Chun

The tree doctor dedicates herself to the coexistence of nature in the city, using co-exist naturally and right land for the right trees perspective to ensure the health of tress in urban environment. She also introduces micrometeorology et al elements to fully exert the function of trees and the requirements in landscape. At the same time she conducts fundamental investigations on planting trees to ensure the adaptation of plants in the urban space.

Department of Landscape Architecture, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
Master of Science in Forest Science, Graduate School of Agricultural Life and Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
Doctor of Engineering in Environment Planning and Design, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan
Japan Tree Doctor license registration No. 1899

Merging East and West Creative interior talentChu Chih-Kung

His work, Fangshuo Bookstore in Chengdu, was chosen as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by AD magazine Germany. Chu specializes in fusing traditional implication of the East with innovative technological design of the West to catalyze the most astonishing creation energy. He was invited to pitch for the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan interior design in 2015 and stood out with his design theme ‘Rediscovering the Peach Blossom Paradise’, which displayed the atheistic thinking of east meeting west.

Award & Experience

Italy A’Design Award – Platinum
World Retail Awards – Store Design of the Year
USA 37th Annual Interior Awards
Germany German Design Award – Special Mention
Germany iF Design Awards, Germany

Germany Iconic Awards – Best of Best
Hong Kong Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards – Gold Award
Hong Kong Design for Asia – Bronze Award
USA Best of Year – Winner, USA
Japan Good Design Award
AD China, 100 Greatest Talents in Architecture and Design

iF product design award 2008, Dong-Dong-Chiang
red dot award: product design 2008, Dong-Dong-Chiang

Interior DesignWilson & Associates is known for luxurious hotel interior design.

Their works are of imposing refinement and meticulous in chiseling sophisticated expressions into the space, making them the most well-sought collaboration firm by major top scale leisure industries in the world.

Interior DesignMetro Space Design

Unintimidated by trivial and complicated detailed works, putting theories into practice to craft artistic conception; Metro Space Design is always able to create luxurious yet unextravagant cultural mood while keeping in line with perspectives in humanity, adding warm and serene literary style to the space.