Over 246% green coverage rate Planting back the lost forests of Earth

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is landmark building themed at "carbon absorption and anti-global warming", "vertical forest", and "artistic heritage". In concept, it aims at symbiosis with the Earth; In aesthetics, it is as unique as an artwork and in values, it is as eternal as the spirit of Tao Zhu, achieving the compelling connection of art, environment, humanities and public welfare.

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Rewriting the legend of a millennia with a landmark building A pioneer in combating global warming, benefiting oneself, neighbors, and the world.

We hope to exemplify the spirit of Fan Li, Fan Li, the ancient Chinese business sage who lived around the 5th century BCE, became a successful businessman and philanthropist after retiring from the political arena. After settling in Taoqiu, Fan Li adopted the title of " Master Tao Zhu”. Master Tao Zhu is regarded as a pioneer of good business management by the Chinese-speaking world.

The design of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is designed to withstand earthquakes up to a 2,500-year return period. This type of earthquake only happens once every 2,500 years, and the steel can remain flexible with minimal elastic-plastic deformation, and the structure is expected to last about a thousand years.

  • Safety
  • intelligent
  • environmental